SparkNotes for College Hockey Regionals

xkqfblduuccctmw-20151206035231The 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey Championship start up this weekend and we are in-store for some excellent hockey. Here is the key stats you need to know for the Regionals, all in one place!

West Region

North Dakota (21-15-3) vs. Boston University (23-11-3)

Friday March 24 – 3 p.m.

Top Scorers: UND

  1. #19 Gersich 21G 16A (No. 134 overall by WSH)
  2. #17 Jost 16G 19A (No. 10 overall by COL)
  3. #16 Boeser 16G 17A (No. 23 overall by VAN)
  4. #3 T. Poolman 7G 23A (No. 127 overall by WPG)
  5. #14 Poganski 12G 13A (No. 110 overall by STL)

Top Scorers: BU

  1. #19 Keller 20G 22A (No. 7 overall by ARI)
  2. #21 Harper 12G 22A (No. 138 overall by NSH)
  3. #23 Forsbacka-Karlsson 13G 19A (No. 45 overall by BOS)
  4. #14 Carpenter 13G 18A
  5. #18 Greenway 10G 20A (No. 50 overall by MIN)


Minnesota-Duluth (25-6-7) vs. Ohio State (21-15-3)

Friday March 24 – 6:30 p.m.

Top Scorers: UMD

  1. #14 Iafallo 18G 27A
  2. #7 A. Johnson 17G 19A
  3. #4 Pionk 7G 25A
  4. #13 J. Anderson 10G 20A (No. 73 overall by NJD)
  5. #19 Toninato 15G 12A (No. 126 overall by TOR)

Top Scorers: OSU

  1. #26 Jobst 19G 36A
  2. #7 Schikey 27G 14A
  3. #17 Gust 18G 23A
  4. # 8 Joshua 12G 22A (No. 128 overall by TOR)
  5. #16 Weis 9G 22A


East Region

Harvard (26-5-2) vs. Providence (22-11-5)

Friday March 24 – 4 p.m.

Top Scorers: Harvard

  1. #17 Malone 18G 24A (No. 159 overall by BUF)
  2. #2 Moy 18G 23A (No. 175 overall by NSH)
  3. #14 Kerfoot 16g 25A *Hobey Baker Finalist
  4. #16 Donato 20G 18A (No. 56 overall by BOS)
  5. #18 Fox 5G 31A (No. 66 overall by CGY)

Top Scorers: Providence

  1. #26 Pinho 12G 28A (No. 174 overall by WSH)
  2. #12 Foley 15G 19A (No. 78 overall by WPG)
  3. #15 Wilkins 13G 18A
  4. #19 Walman 7G 18A (No. 82 overall by STL)
  5. #10 Conway 12G 11A


Western Michigan (22-12-5) vs. Air Force (26-9-5)

Friday March 24 – 7:30 p.m.

Top Scorers: WM

  1. #7 Iacopelli 20G 14A (No. 83 overall by CHI)
  2. #17 Molino 14G 17A
  3. #27 Allison 12G 17A (No. 52 overall by PHI)
  4. #8 Dries 15G 14A
  5. #29 Conrad 13A 16A

Top Scorers: AF

  1. #10 Himley 20G 13A
  2. #16 Haak 12G 18A
  3. #15 Giesler 11G 18A
  4. #4 Boje 8G 20A
  5. #18 Feno 7G 18A


Northeast Region

UMass Lowell (26-10-3) vs. Cornell (21-8-5)

Saturday March 25 – Noon

Top Scorers: UML

  1. #5 Gambardella 18G 33A
  2. #19 Smith 22G 28A
  3. #29 Edwardh 18G 19A
  4. #25 Zink 10G 25A
  5. #3 Kapla 3G 26A

Top Scorers: Cornell

  1. #14 Vanderlaan 15G 13A
  2. #27 McCarron 6G 19A
  3. #7 Weidner 8G 16A
  4. #15 Yates 12G 10A
  5. #17 Angello 12G 8A (No. 145 overall by PIT)


Minnesota (23-11-3) vs. Notre Dame (21-11-5)

Saturday March 25 – 3:30 p.m.

Top Scorers: UMN

  1. #22 Sheehy 20G 33A *Hobey Baker Finalist
  2. #25 Kloos 18G 24A
  3. #19 Lettieri 18G 18A
  4. #18 Bristedt 12G 20A
  5. #15 Pitlick 14G 17A (No. 76 overall by NSH)

Top Scorers: ND

  1. #10 Bjork 19G 28A (No. 146 overall by BOS) *Hobey Baker Finalist
  2. #15 Oglevie 19G 20A
  3. #18 Evans 13G 25A (No. 207 overall by MTL)
  4. #3 Gross 10G 20A
  5. #25 Malmquist 10G 13A


Midwest Region

Denver (29-7-4) vs. Michigan Tech (23-14-7)

Saturday March 25 – 1 p.m.

Top Scorers: DU

  1. #5 Borgström 21G 17A (No. 23 overall by FLA)
  2. #7 Gambrell 11G 26A (No. 60 overall by SJS)
  3. #19 Terry 19G 17A
  4. #4 Butcher 6G 29A (No. 123 overall by COL) *Hobey Baker Finalist
  5. #14 Lukosevicius 11G 16A

Top Scorers: MTU

  1. #11 L’Esperance 10G 16A
  2. #22 Hanna 8G 18A
  3. #3 Roy 5G 20A (No. 194 overall by LAK)
  4. #7 Sturos 11G 13a
  5. #25 Neville 7G 16A


Union (NY) (25-9-3) vs. Penn State (24-11-2)

Saturday March 25 – 4:30 p.m.

Top Scorers: Union

  1. #21 Vecchione 29G 33A *Hobey Baker Finalist
  2. #15 Foo 24G 36A *Hobey Baker Finalist
  3. #27 Vidmar 14G 26A
  4. #18 Supinksi 8G 28A
  5. #2 J. Taylor 9G 24A (No. 203 overall by PIT)

Top Scorers: PSU

  1. #25 Smirnov 17G 28A
  2. #9 Goodwin 11G 25A
  3. #16 Sturtz 21G 13A
  4. #14 Succse 15G 17A
  5. #8 Berger 11G 21A
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The Tourney 17 Cheat Sheet

With the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament approaching, here is a cheat sheet to get you ready for #TheTourney17.


Section 1AA Representative: Lakeville South Cougars 18-9-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #10 Josh Ess (28) Senior (Committed to Wisconsin)
  2. #21 Sam Malinski (27) Senior
  3. #3 Bradley Golant (26) Senior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Zach Zemlak and Jake Oelrich (6)

Key Wins: Duluth East and Lakeville North

Key Losses: Stillwater and Holy Family

*Making it back to the state tournament for the first time since 2012


Section 2AA Representative: Eden Prairie Eagles 21-4-2

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #11 Casey Mittelstadt (64) Senior (Minnesota) *Mr. Hockey Finalist
  2. #27 Hunter Johannes (45) Senior
  3. #18 Jack Jensen (38) Sophomore (Minnesota)

Top scorer in the playoffs: Mittelstadt (5)

Key Wins: Edina and Stillwater

Key Losses: Grand Rapids and Edina

*#4 Nicky Leivermann is a senior defensemen for EP who is a Mr. Hockey Finalist committed to Notre Dame


Section 3 AA Representative: St. Thomas Academy Cadets 23-4-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #23 Willie Reim (45) Senior
  2. #2 Robbie Stucker (40) Senior
  3. #15 Ray Christy (37) Junior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Robbie Stucker (7)

Key Wins: Holy Family and Minnetonka

Key Losses: Hill-Murray and Lakeville North

*STA looking for their first state title in Class AA, have 5 titles in Class A. They outscored their opponents 18-1 in their section tournament.


Section 4AA Representative: Hill-Murray Pioneers 19-5-4

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #20 Brock Bremer (40) Senior
  2. #9 Kyler Yeo (50) Senior
  3. #1 Jake Begley (1.62 GAA .936SV%) Senior *Frank Brimsek Finalist

Top scorer in the playoffs: Ben Helgeson (7)

Key wins: Elk River and Edina

Key losses: Moorhead and St. Thomas Academy

*Also watch #14 Sophomore defenseman Ben Helgeson who is committed to Wisconsin


Section 5AA Representative: Maple Grove Crimson 22-6-0

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #19 Sam Huff (62) Senior
  2. #9 Justin Kelley (48) Senior
  3. #6 Jack Kelly (30) Senior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Kostelecky (7)

Key wins: Wayzata and Hill-Murray

Key losses: Elk River and Holy Family

*Making their second state tournament appearance in school history.


Section 6AA Representative: Wayzata Trojans 10-17-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #22 Griffin Ness (26) Junior
  2. #3 Colin Schmidt (24) Junior (Minnesota)
  3. #21 Grant Anderson (22) (Nebraska Omaha)

Top scorer in the playoffs: Andrew Urban (3)

Key Wins: Edina and Hermantown

Key Losses: Eden Prairie and Grand Rapids

*Wayzata upset Edina in the Section 6AA Finals. Wayzata is the defending Class AA Champions


Section 7AA Representative: Grand Rapids Thunderhawks 20-7-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #20 Micah Miller (56) Senior (SCSU) *Mr. Hockey Finalist
  2. #7 Blake McLaughlin (49) Junior (Minnesota)
  3. #8 Gavin Hain (48) Junior (North Dakota)

Top scorer in the playoffs: Micah Miller (8)

Key Wins: Duluth East and Eden Prairie

Key Losses: Moorhead and Holy Family

*Making their 16th state tournament appearance. Micah Miller scored in double OT to beat Duluth East in the Section 7AA final.


Section 8AA Representative: Moorhead Spuds 22-3-3

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #6 Carter Randklev (46) Junior
  2. #11 Cole O’Connell (41) Junior
  3. #21 Jack Stetz (38) Junior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Randklev (9)

Key Wins: Hill-Murray and Grand Rapids

Key Losses: Prior Lake and Brainerd

*Watch for #5 Ethan Frisch a sophomore defenseman who is committed to North Dakota and had 16 points during the regular season



Section 1A Representative: Northfield Raiders 20-5-3

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #22 Jacob Halvorson (41) Junior
  2. #5 Grant Sawyer (36) Senior
  3. #11 Jackson Cloud (36) Senior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Grant Sawyer (6)

Key wins: Rochester Lourdes, Red Wing

Key losses: St. Cloud Cathedral, New Prague

*Making their first state tournament appearance in school history.


Section 2A Representative: Delano Tigers 24-3-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #27 Ben Meyers (99) Senior (Maine) *Mr. Hockey Finalists
  2. #26 Brian Halonen (81) Senior (Michigan Tech)
  3. #7 John Keranen (68) Senior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Ben Meyers (8)

Key wins: Breck and St. Cloud Cathedral

Key losses: Hermantown and Holy Family

*Making their first state tournament appearance in school history. Also, watch out for #37 freshman forward Garrett Pinoniemi who is committed to St. Cloud State.


Section 3A Representative: Luverne Cardinals 22-5-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #14 Kasyn Kruse (57) Junior
  2. #9 Nick Harder (37) Junior
  3. #10 Ben Serie (35) Sophomore

Top scorer in the playoffs: Ben Serie (4)

Key wins: Marshall and Orono

Key losses: St. Paul Academy and Totino-Grace

*Making its second state tournament appearance in school history. Average 5.68 goals per game in the regular season


Section 4A Representative: Mahtomedi Zephyrs 16-11-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #2 Luke Posner (45) Senior
  2. #27 Charlie Batholomew (18) Junior
  3. #15 Matt Vannelli (18) Senior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Luke Posner (5)

Key wins: St. Cloud Cathedral and St. Thomas Academy

Key losses: Hermantown and Breck

*Making their 9th appearance to the state tournament, last time they made it was 2015.


Section 5A Representative: Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake Moose 21-6-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #5 Ben Ward (57) Junior
  2. #17 Nick Zwack (46) Senior
  3. #18 Troy Dahleimer (35) Sophomore

Top scorer in the playoffs: Ben Ward (14)

Key wins: Buffalo and Chisago Lakes

Key losses: St. Cloud Cathedral and Sartell

*Making their first state tournament appearance in school history.


Section 6A Representative: St. Cloud Cathedral Crusaders 20-6-2

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #4 Jake VanHalbeck (58) Senior
  2. #19 Michael Spethmann (55) Senior
  3. #8 Nate Warner (34) Freshman

Top scorer in the playoffs: Michael Spethmann (12)

Key wins: Monticello and Northfield

Key losses: Hermantown and Delano

*St. Cloud Cathedral average 9 goals per game during the sectional playoffs, out scoring their opponents 27-4


Section 7A Representative: Hermantown Hawks 26-1-1

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #11 Ryan Sandelin (63) Senior (Minnesota State Mankato) *Mr. Hockey Finalist
  2. #8 Jesse Jacques (51) Senior
  3. #4 Matt Valure (42) Senior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Ryan Sandelin (8)

Key wins: Grand Rapids and Bemidji

Key losses: Wayzata

*#12 Dylan Samberg is senior committed to Minnesota Duluth and is a Mr. Hockey Finalist. He has 28 points this season.


Section 8A Representative: East Grand Forks Green Wave 17-8-2

Top scorers during the regular season:

  1. #14 Nick Lund (33) Senior
  2. #8 Hunter Olson (30) Senior
  3. #21 Coby Stauss (24) Junior

Top scorer in the playoffs: Bauer Brown (5)

Key wins: Warroad and Bemidji

Key losses: Greenway and Thief River Falls

*Looking for their 3rd state title in school history, they went back-to-back in 2014/2015.


Good luck to all the teams, players, and coaches that have made “the trek to the X.” It is a dream come true for a lot of players and we, as fans, are in for a treat this year. The Tourney 17 is loaded with talent and I expect a great tournament from these teams.


2017 Commits in the State Tournament

Grant Anderson Wayzata Junior Nebraska Omaha
Joshua Ess Lakeville South Senior Wisconsin
Ethan Frisch Moorhead Sophomore North Dakota
Gavin Hain Grand Rapids Junior North Dakota
Brian Halonen Delano Senior Michigan Tech
Ben Helgelson Hill-Murray Sophomore Wisconsin
Jack Jensen Eden Prairie Sophomore Minnesota
Nicky Leivermann Eden Prairie Senior Notre Dame
Ben Meyers Delano Senior Maine
Blake McLaughlin Grand Rapids Junior Minnesota
Micah Miller Grand Rapids Senior St. Cloud State
Casey Mittelstadt Eden Prairie Senior Minnesota
Garrett Pinoniemi Delano Freshman St. Cloud State
Dylan Samberg Hermantown Senior Minnesota Duluth
Ryan Sandelin Hermantown Senior Minnesota State
Colin Schmidt Wayzata Junior Minnesota


Top Uncommitted players in the State Tournament (By Class)


1 Sam Huff Maple Grove HS
2 Jake Begley Hill Murray HS
3 John Stampohar Grand Rapids HS
4 Noah Sullivan Eden Prairie HS


1 Tyler Borsch Maple Grove HS
2 Jack Olsen Lakeville South HS
3 Carter Randklev Moorhead HS
4 Griffin Ness Wayzata HS
5 Chase Foley St. Thomas Academy


1 Isaac Howe Moorhead HS
2 Robert Christy St. Thomas Academy
3 Darian Gotz Hermantown HS
4 Tyler Kostelecky Maple Grove HS
5 Trevor Kukkonen Maple Grove HS


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Minnesota High School Hockey Sectional Preview

Minnesota High School Hockey is coming down to the wire and the section playoffs are right around the corner. When we get this far along in the season, we can not help to start making predictions on whose is going to make it to the “The Tourney 17” and continue their quest at a state title.


Section 1

Favorites: Lakeville North (18-5-2) and Lakeville South (15-9-1)

Sleeper Team: Farmington (8-16-1)

Players To Watch: Lakeville North: #21 Henry Enebak (SCSU) 44 points, #11 Keaton Pehrson (Mich. Tech) 29 points

Lakeville South: #10 Josh Ess (Wisco) 28 points

Farmington: #25 Darby Grengs 23 points

My Pick: Lakeville North


Section 2

Favorites: Eden Prairie (19-4-2) and Holy Family (20-4-1)

Sleeper Team: Minnetonka (14-11-0)

Players To Watch: Eden Prairie: #11 Casey Mittelstadt (UMN) 64 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST, #18 Jack Jensen (UMN) 38 points, #4 Nicky Leivermann (Notre Dame) 34 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST

Holy Family: #11 Ben Almquist (Wisco) 49 points, #22 James Marooney (OSU) 26 points, #3 Matt Anderson (UMD) 26 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST

Minnetonka: #9 Bobby Brink (Denver) 26 points, #23 TJ Rogers 28 points, #8 Luke Loheit (UMD) 12 points

My Pick: Eden Prairie


Section 3

Favorites: St. Thomas Academy (20-4-1) and Burnsville (16-8-1)

Sleeper Team: Eastview (14-10-1)

Players To Watch: St. Thomas Academy: #2 Robbie Stucker 40 points

Burnsville: #3 Roman Ahcan 51 points

Eastview: #8 Zach Anderson 26 points

My Pick: St. Thomas Academy


Section 4

Favorites: Stillwater (22-3-0) and Hill-Murray (16-5-4)

Sleeper Team: White Bear Lake (14-7-4)

Players To Watch: Stillwater: #11 Noah Cates (UMD) 64 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST

Hill-Murray: #1 Jake Begley .936 SV% **FRANK BRIMSEK FINALIST, #14 Helgelson (Wisco) 21 points

White Bear Lake: #17 Chase Hamstad 42 points

My Pick: Hill Murray


Section 5

Favorites: Centennial (20-4-1) and Maple Grove (19-6-0)

Sleeper Team: Blaine (13-11-1)

Players To Watch: Centennial: #11 Lucas McGregor 46 points

Maple Grove: #19 Sam Huff 62 points

Blaine: #22 Bryce Brodzinski (SCSU) 40 points

My Pick: Maple Grove

Section 6

Favorite: Edina (18-6-1)

Sleeper Teams: Cretin Derham Hall (18-7-0) and St. Louis Park (17-7-1)

Players To Watch: Edina: #10 Sam Walker (UMN) 46 points, #23 Bram Scheerer (Colorado College) 36 points, #17 Ben Brinkman (UMN) 21 points, #2 Jake Boltmann (UMN) 14 points

CDH: #5 Matt Gleason 41 points

SLP: #8 Bauer Neudecker 73 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST

My Pick: Edina


Section 7

Favorites: Grand Rapids (17-7-1) and Elk River (21-4-0)

Sleeper Team: Duluth East (16-8-1)

Players To Watch: ER: #6 Nick Perbix (SCSU) 40 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST, #12 Jack Perbix (Notre Dame) 35 points, #11 Benton Maass (UNH) 29 points

GR: #20 Micah Miller (SCSU) 56 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST, #7 Blake McLaughlin (UMN) 49 points, #8 Gavin Hain (UND) 48 points

DE: #5 Garret Worth 31 points

My Pick: Elk River


Section 8

Favorite: Moorhead (19-3-3)

Sleeper Teams: Bemidji (14-10-1) and St. Michael-Albertville (19-4-2)

Players To Watch: Moorhead: #6 Carter Randklev 46 points, #5 Ethan Frish (UND) 16 points

STMA: #2 Blake Spetz 30 points

Bemidji: #19 Brady Tatro 25 points

My Pick: Moorhead



Section 1

Favorites: Rochester Lourdes (15-10-0) and Northfield (17-5-3)

Sleeper Team: Mankato East (13-8-4)

Players To Watch: Rochester Lourdes: #2 Montana Streit 40 points

Northfield: #22 Jacob Halvorson 41 points

Mankato E: #14 Jake Anderson 36 points

My Pick: Rochester Lourdes


Section 2

Favorites: Breck (20-3-2) and Delano (21-3-1)

Sleeper Team: Orono (16-9-0)

Players To Watch: Breck: #15 Mitch Machlitt 55 points, #25 Dalton Weigel 44 points

Delano: #27 Ben Meyers (Maine) 99 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST, #26 Brian Halonen (Mich. Tech) 80 points, #37 Garrett Pinoniemi (SCSU) 18 points

Orono: #21 Nick Anderson 35 points

My Pick: Delano


Section 3

Favorites: Luverne (19-5-1) and Marshall (17-7-1)

Sleeper Team: Litchfield (14-9-1)

Players To Watch: Luverne: #14 Kasyn Kruse 57 points

Marshall: #6 Dylan Criquet-Danielson (Oklahoma for baseball) 56 points

Litchfield: #3 Casey Peterson 46 points

My Pick: Luverne


Section 4

Favorites: Mahtomedi (13-11-1) and St. Paul Academy (21-4-0)

Sleeper Team: St. Paul Johnson (17-6-2)

Players To Watch: Mahtomedi: #2 Luke Posner 45 points

St. Paul Academy: #9 Dev McCabe (UMD) 60 points, #11 Matt Dahlseide 69 points

St. Paul Johnson: #16 Isaac Moberg 42 points

My Pick: St. Paul Academy


Section 5

Favorites: Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake (18-6-1) and Pine City (18-7-0)

Sleeper Team: North Branch (16-8-1)

Players To Watch: Monticello: #5 Ben Ward 57 points

Pine City: #2 Brendan Westbrook 67 points

North Branch: #27 Brady Meyer 54 points

My Pick: Monticello


Section 6

Favorite: St. Cloud Cathedral (17-6-2)

Sleeper Teams: Satrell-St. Stephen (16-6-3) and Alexandria (15-7-3)

Players To Watch: Cathedral: #4 Jake Vanhalbeck 58 points, #18 Mack Motzko 26 points

Sartell: #22 Will McCabe 43 points

Alexandria: #7 Ben Doherty 60 points

My Pick: St. Cloud Cathedral


Section 7

Favorite: Hermantown (23-1-1)

Sleeper Teams: Greenway (17-7-1) and Hibbing (17-8-0)

Players To Watch: Hermantown: #11 Ryan Sandelin (Minn. St.) 63 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST, #12 Dylan Samberg (UMD) 28 points *MR.HOCKEY FINALIST

Greenway: #11 Taylor Lantz 60 points

Hibbing: #12 Jarrett Lee 48 points

My Pick: Hermantown


Section 8

Favorite: East Grand Forks (14-8-2)

Sleeper Teams: Thief River Falls (9-15-0) and Northern Lakes (20-4-1)

Players To Watch: EGF: #14 Nick Lund 33 points

TRF: #16 Aaron Myers 36 Points

Northern Lakes: #22 Josh Maucieri 72 points

My Pick: East Grand Forks

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Bicks’ NHL Predictions 2016-17

Eastern Conference


  1. Washington Capitals (Z)
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins (X)
  3. New Jersey Devils (X)
  4. Philadelphia Flyers
  5. New York Rangers
  6. New York Islanders
  7. Columbus Blue Jackets
  8. Carolina Hurricanes



  1. Tampa Bay Lightning (Z)
  2. Montreal Canadiens (X)
  3. Boston Bruins (X)
  4. Florida Panthers (WC)
  5. Detroit Red Wings (WC)
  6. Buffalo Sabres
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs
  8. Ottawa Senators


Playoff Picture

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Detroit Red Wings (TBL in 5)

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston Bruins (Boston in 7)

Montreal Canadiens vs. New Jersey Devils (MTL in 5)

Washington Capitals vs. Florida Panthers (WSH in 7)

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Boston Bruins (TBL in 7)

Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens (MTL in 7)

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens (TBL in 7)


Western Conference


  1. Dallas Stars (P)
  2. Chicago Blackhawks (X)
  3. Nashville Predators (X)
  4. Louis Blues (WC)
  5. Minnesota Wild (WC)
  6. Colorado Avalanche
  7. Winnipeg Jets



  1. San Jose Sharks (Z)
  2. Anaheim Ducks (X)
  3. LA Kings (X)
  4. Edmonton Oilers
  5. Arizona Coyotes
  6. Calgary Flames
  7. Vancouver Canucks


Playoff Picture

Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild (DAL in 7)

San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues (SJS in 4)

Anaheim Ducks vs. LA Kings (ANH in 6)

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville (CHI in 7)

Dallas Stars vs. Anaheim Ducks (DAL in 7)

Chicago Blackhawks vs. San Jose Sharks (CHI in 7)

Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks (CHI in 6)

Stanley Cup

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning



Awards Predictions

Hart Trophy (MVP): Joe Pavelski (SJ Sharks)

Maurice Richard Trophy (Leading Goal Scorer): Alex Ovechkin (WSH Capitals)

Art Ross (Most Points): Joe Pavelski (SJ Sharks)

Norris Trophy (Best Defensemen): Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Vezina Trophy (Best Goalie): Carey Price (MTL Canadiens)

Jack Adams (Best Coach): Todd McLellan (EDM Oilers)
Calder Trophy (Best Rookie):
Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

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Top 25 NHL Free Agents and Potential Landing Spots

July 1st right around the corner and the NHL free agent frenzy is just about to begin. My friend and hockey knowledgist, Aspen Florey and I took the time to look at the Top-25 free agents and a potential landing spot for them. Take a look at our predictions and see if we think your team is going to make any big moves this offseason!

Ranking Player Current Team Bicks’ Pick Florey’s Pick
25 Michael Grabner Tampa Bay Lightning St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues
24 Matt Martin New York Islanders Montreal Canadians New York Islanders
23 Shane Doan Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes
22 James Reimer San Jose Sharks Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers
21 Radmin Vrabata Vancouver Canucks New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils
20 David Perron Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks
19 Darren Helm Detroit Red Wings Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks
18 Kris Russel Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers
17 Dan Hamhuis Vancouver Canucks Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks
16 Eric Staal New York Rangers Carolina Hurricanes New York Rangers
15 Alexander Radulov KHL Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings
14 Troy Brower St. Louis Blues New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils
13 Brain Campbell Florida Panthers Chicago Blackhawks Buffalo Sabres
12 Jason Demers Dallas Stars Dallas Stars Dallas Stars
11 Frans Nielson New York Islanders Edmonton Oilers New York Islanders
10 Andrew Ladd Chicago Blackhawks Florida Panthers Carolina Hurricanes
9 Jimmy Vesey Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres
8 Mikkel Boedker Colorado Avalanche San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks
7 David Backes St.Louis Blues St.Louis Blues St.Louis Blues
6 Loui Erikson Boston Bruins Nashville Predators Los Angeles Kings
5 Keith Yandle Florida Panthers Florida Panthers Florida Panthers
4 Alex Goligoski Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes
3 Kyle Okposo New York Islanders Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild
2 Milan Lucic Los Angeles Kings Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks
1 Steven Stamkos Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maples Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs

Bicks Blog

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Potential First Round Picks for the Minnesota Wild

After just barely sneaking into the playoffs and having a quick first round exit, the Minnesota Wild will have the 15th pick in the upcoming NHL draft. The will held in Buffalo, New York on June 24. Minnesota could go many different ways in this year’s draft but here is five players to keep your eye on when the Wild are on the clock.

Kieffer Bellows 6’0” 195lbs Center/Left Wing USA NTDP (USHL)

Lets start our potential draft picks out with Kieffer Bellow, the kids with many Minnesota ties. Bellows is a native of Edina, Minnesota and his father, Brian Bellows, was drafted second overall by the Minnesota North Stars in 1982. Could Kieffer follow right in his father’s footsteps? It’s possible. Bellows is a strong power forward who protects the puck well. He has strong shot and is competitor that is hungry to score goals for his team. Chicago Steel vs USA National Team Development ProgramBellows had a huge impact with the Sioux Falls Stampede when they won the Clark Cup last season. This year, he played for the National Development Team and tallied over 50 goals. As we have seen in recent years, the Wild love to draft big power forwards and Bellows is exactly that. He will be heading to Boston University next year and will be playing along side will draftee Jordan Greenway.

NHL Comparison: Drew Stafford (Winnipeg Jets)

Tyson Jost 5”11’ 190lbs Center Pentiction Vees (BCHL)

fullsizerender-44-816x459Tyson Jost is my favorite on this list of prospects but I think it is wishful thinking that he will still be available at the 15th pick. Jost is shifty skater with some of the best hand in the draft. He has high hockey IQ and always knows where he needs to be on the ice. He was the captain for the Pentiction Vees this season and put up 104 points in just 48 games. After his remarkable year, Jost was named the Canadian Junior Hockey Player of the Year. Jost also was the captain for Team Canada at the 18U World Junior Championship (WJC). All he did there was tallied 15 points in just seven games. The kid is a point machine and could be a dynamic goal scorer in the NHL. Jost will be heading to the powerhouse, University of North Dakota next season. The Wild could use some flashiness to their lineup and Jost would be a perfect fit if he falls to the 15th selection.

NHL Comparison: Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins)

Dante Fabbro 6’0” 195lbs Defensemen Pentiction Vees (BCHL)

I think it is unlike that the Wild will select a defensemen in the first round but if they do it could be Tyson Jost’s teammate, Dante Fabbro.dante-fabbro-640x424 Fabbro is a two-way defensemen with huge offensive upside. He had 67 points in 45 games for the Vees. He is a very poise player and a great decision-maker. He plays like a quartback on ice. Fabbro is a complete defensemen who could become a difference maker at the NHL level. Next year, Fabrro will be heading to Boston University along with Bellows (Watch out for the Terriers next season).

NHL Comparison: Tyson Barrie (Colorado Avalanche)

Luke Kunin 5’11” 190lbs Center University of Wisconsin (NCAA)

To see our next prospect, just take a short drive over to Madison, Wisconsin, where Luke Kunin just finished up his freshman year. Kunin put together 32 points in 34 games on a Wisconsin team that struggled all season. kuninHe is a gifted offensive player with some flashy hands. He loves to go to the dirty areas and battle for loose pucks. He has great awareness of the ice and a quick shot. He needs to become more explosive and continue to grow muscle but a couple more years at Wisconsin will do just that.

NHL Comparison: Joe Pavelski (San Jose Sharks)

Julien Gauthier 6’3” 230 Right Wing Val-d’Or Foreurs (QMJHL)

The last player on my list of prospects is Julien Gauthier. The first thing you notice is his size, 6’3 230. This is a big boy and uses his frame very well. This season in the QMJHL, Gauthier had 57 points in 54 games.vdo_gauthier1 He has a hard-nose work ethic and loves to get to the front of the net. Gauthier loves pressure and plays well in big games. He uses long strides to create his speed and is an impressive skater. Gauthier is a natural goal-scorer but needs to improve in the defensive zone. He is a strong competitor who will do anything for his team to help them win.

NHL Comparison: Rick Nash (New York Rangers)  

The NHL Draft is just a few weeks away and the prospects talks is heating up! Who do you want the Minnesota Wild to take? Let me know!

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Couture Commits to Gustavus

Kegan Couture has verbally committed to play Division III hockey at Gustavus Adolphus College, in St. Peter, Minnesota.

Couture, a native of Pequot Lakes, spent his high school years playing for the Northern Lakes Lightning. In his three years of Varsity hockey, he managed to tally 89 career points including 44 points in his senior season, which led the team. Couture did not want this hockey career to end just yet. He had a dream about playing college hockey one day. After high school, he decided to keep his dream alive by playing junior hockey. A process many kids have to take if they want to play at the collegiate level.

The next three years, Couture played junior hockey in Bozeman, Montana for the Bozeman Icedogs in the Tier 3 North American Hockey League (NA3HL). Couture’s play improved year after year, along with his team’s record. He played in 139 games for the Icedogs and racked up a remarkable 181 points over the three year time period. Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.45.28 PMThis past season, Couture led the team in scoring with 76 points and had the honor of serving as the team’s captain—“left side heavy,” as his boys from back home would call it. Couture’s year was capped off by bringing Bozeman to their first playoff appearance in 10 years. When I asked Couture about what has been his biggest takeaway from his years in Bozeman he said, “The bonds I have created with so many of my teammates, billets, and coaches. They are friendships that will last a lifetime.” With his every productive final year in juniors, Couture’s dream of playing college hockey started to become reality.

As Couture begins his summer training, he will be doing it knowing that he will be wearing black and gold for Gustavus next fall. Couture said, “I picked Gustavus because I felt it would be the best fit for me to continue my education and my hockey career. I really enjoyed talking to the coaching staff and visiting the facilities during my visit.” When I asked him about playing for the Golden Gusties, he continued by saying, “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and can not wait to start the next chapter in my life.” The Gusties play in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) with schools such as St. John’s University, St. Thomas University, and Hamline University. Last year, they finished with a record of 6-14-5.gac-icon

Congrats to a hometown kid, and one of my best friends on your commitment. We all wish you the best of luck and GO GUSTIES!!

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